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About Us

Innovation holdings USA owns and manages a consortium of business units across multiple industries ranging from Business Consulting, Technology, Specialty Finance, OSHA Safety Training, Payroll Finance, Digital Development, Marketing and Construction Development.

Additionally, we have partnered with several prominent companies to further expand our service expertise.

Our Mission Statement

Innovation holdings USA mission is to provide business platforms able to rapidly conform to new technology and emerging market opportunities while preserving our values of sound business ethics, cultural acceptance and growth geared towards advancements of acceptable social and ecological stewardship.

Diversity and Inclusion

We work daily to build diversity and inclusiveness in our workforce, increase collaboration with minority partners, and promote a culture that embraces new ideas and strengthens communities. Our Business Units and affiliated partners are an important part of our success. Increasing access to opportunities for minority and women owned companies in our business is essential to our supplier and trade contractor strategy.

whom we serve?

The Holding Company serves as a guiding compass to its wholly owned affiliates by providing oversight from its Board of Directors.

where we began?

The Holding Company’s Board of Directors was created by resourcing a legacy of relationships forged over 20 years. These relationships offer vast experience able to support a consortium of several industries disciplines within the United States and Internationally.

what we do?

The Holding Company was created to support and manage several business disciplines spanning Technology, Specialty Finance, Payroll Finance, Career Training and Construction Development.

how we are organize?


By carefully curating leaders from within the ranks of our wholly owned affiliates the Holding Company is able to proactively manage existing companies and identify new business opportunity and industry disruptors in early inception.

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